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Friday, March 2, 2007

The Many Adventures of A. Dora Belle - Ironforge

Dora sings:My name is DoraBelle ... My minions? Straight from hell. Don't mess with this doll, pink hair and all. I'm a gnome and I'm proud and I sing out loud. MY NAME IS DORABELLE .... my minions? Straight from hell!

Hey there all you Azerothian explorers! It is I, your faithful A. Dora Belle checking in from the cold north!

Last time I came to you, I was on my way to the snowy Ironforge, where my dwarvy cousins allowed us Gnomeregon Refugees to stay!

Boy what an adventure I had along the way! I guess I have to start on a sad note. On one of the roads I was travelling, I came across a graveyard full of my relatives.

It was a sad reminder of the toll the war is taking on all of us. How many more of my brothers, cousins and sisters need to be taken before we can stop the silliness? Professor TinkleTop should create a device that causes a molecular combustion when the neurological membranes are triggered due to instinctual fighting tendancies.

/wipe tear

ANYWAY! On my trip I came across a camp full of my brothers and sisters! It was good to see some other gnomes for a change. While I love my dwarvy cousins, I'm beginning to tire of ale.

One of my Gnome brothers (and he was cuuuuuuuute) asked me to venture through a cavern and deliver a package of supplies to ANOTHER one of my brothers (and no, they aren't REALLY my siblings) on the other side.

Outside the cave I found a rollercoaster!!! I was SO excited to be able to shoot through this dark, scary, icky, mucky, dangerous cavern in a WONDERFULLY ingenious - very well created gnome invention. So, I jumped in and sat .... and sat.... and sat. I fell asleep for a while... then sat ... and sat .... and sat. Nothing happend.

Darn Gnome contraptions!

I headed in on foot. Through the dark, scary, icky, mucky, dangerous cavern - I defeated mean-and-nasties. When I emerged on the other side I came across the city where I was suppose to deliver the deliverables.

Back in the company of my dwarvy cousins I let my inhibitions free and joined them in a drink. This time, I managed to control my loss of clothing and simply enjoyed a little dancing!

After wandering back out into the cold country side (still a tad bit tipsy) I realized I had lost my way.

Where was this elusive Ironforge I had heard in legend!? I came upon a couple of dwarfy's and asked them to please point me in the correct direction. They pointed right behind them and there it was!

Behold .... Ironforge!

As I entered the gates of the city carved in the mountainside, I could not help but think back on what it must have been like when my mums and dehdee first came here after the destruction of Gnomeregon. How it must have felt like to my mums being carried on a stretcher through these very gates and past the giant dwarvy weilding hammers. What Dehdee must have first felt while trying to hold me close in the confusion.

I stood outside just looking at the statue for a while. Many thoughts raced through my head about my past and my future. Now I was at Ironforge. Maybe I would find my dehdee here!

When I snapped out of my zoning moment I realized I was standing in the cold and had a sudden urge for a nice cup of CogOil (that's like Gnomish Hot Chocolate) I headed inside the gates and found a man sitting on the floor. Well, being that I had SO much on my mind I felt that I naturally had to let it out so that I wasn't burdened down with all that muck.

So we talked. Well, I talked. He was just a nice man who sat and listened to me.

I'm not really sure at what point he had gotten up and left. Therefore, I had to find someone else to tell my story to.

Murky was a GREAT listener. He just stood there and licked my boots as I talked on and on about all of the things in my head.

Finally, I felt light enough to move on and I headed into the heart of Ironforge City. There was a CUUUUUUUUTE Gnome just sitting by the auction house. I took a little time to introduce myself. It was a quick conversation but, when I asked for his number, he gave it to me! Now all I need to do is find a way to contact him. I'm not too sure what 1337 means!

Once I got into the square I came across a party going on! What FUN!!! This was a GREAT way to make my introduction to Ironforge. I must say, there are definitely some INTERESTING characters that hang out in town square !!

I just couldn't control myself and had to get in on some of the action!

In the middle of the party, I saw a couple standing in the corner. Being the curious little gnome I am ... I ran up to see if they wanted to join us. As I was running toward them, the man got down on one knee and proposed.


It was incredibly full day in Ironforge.

I visited a museum!

Saw some AMAZING Gnomish inventions...

And even met the KING!!!! (Although I expected him to be in a white jumpsuit for some reason!)

When the sun sat, I headed down the tunnel to jump on a REAL gnomish travel device - the subway!


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