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I Got Your Special Edition, Right Here!!!!

Rockstar just announced the contents of the "Special Edition" for Grand Theft Auto. Which is slated for release sometime in October, with a price of $89.99. With this, they offer “Collectors” of the world something to sink their teeth into.

• The Grand Theft Auto IV Art Book, featuring never-before-seen production artwork from Grand Theft Auto IV.

• Selected soundtrack CD from Grand Theft Auto IV, featuring new material from top artists, only available on this release.

• An exclusive Rockstar keychain for the...
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Posted by JVB on Jun 29 2007 3:05AM

Turn out of Halo 2 competition

The tournament was pretty badass sorry I haven't commented on the outcome so far but after the tournmanet like a month later I left for the navy. The very first round we played was probably the most intense it was me Serapis and my friend Widgit aganist these two guys that bragged all the time about MLG and how they were tournament players I jacked the sniper as always and the match was over lol we got first at the tournament split the cash and so far I really haven't played to much Halo since Ive been back im starting to play some quake again to get my hands wet it has been a long ass time...

Posted by gorhamm on Jun 28 2007 2:53PM


  1. ON EBAY

Posted by mlmod.com on Jun 25 2007 8:27PM



 S.S.S coming soon

Posted by funkyricki101 on Jun 24 2007 5:10PM

"Own" should never be pronounced with a "p"

Because its lame to make a pop-culture out of a typo.

So yeah, Im not new here, my other profile is this: Angelpoo.

But I just wrote a bunch in that "About Me" section in my profile, but for some reason I keep clicking the wrong button and it all disapears because I don't update my password information.  It's Sunday, and I'm a little lazy today, so I'm not going to type it all out again.  I guess next time I'm at home and not glued to my 360, I'll do...

Posted by GGN-Ang3L on Jun 24 2007 3:28PM

The Ultimate Gamer Challenge

Attention All Noobs:

Do You Think Your The Best Gamer Ever?

Well, Come In And Prove It To Everyone!!!

On July 28th, We'll Be Hosting The Biggest Tournanment Of The Summer.

Dear Tournament Player:


Posted by Lets_Play_Cafe on Jun 23 2007 4:24PM

Upcoming Tournaments

This is a list of our up coming tournaments!!! All events are at 7 pm day of tournaments! Sign up today at the store or call for more info!

Super Smach Bros Melee
Entry Fee: $10 Per Person
Prize: Half The Money Brought In
Rules: MLG
At 7pm
Halo 2 - 4v4
Entry Fee: $15 Per Person
Prize: Half The Money Brought In
Rules: MLG
At 7pm

Posted by Lets_Play_Cafe on Jun 23 2007 4:23PM

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