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#1 Posted By: GoM_Hassan on Nov 2 2004 11:42AM


I wanted to nominate upcommign game called Armies of Exigo (abbriviation AoE is reserved for Age of Empires series so everyone calls this game AoX). This product is pretending to be one of the best from all top RTS games. It has Starcraft game style and even in beta stage where it currently is it has appealed eye of stars like 4k.myth, Maynard, Pillars, Chaplan or Lipton. Site regarding game you can find here or at - so that would be all. Oh and game is pretty balanced and will have some innovation like multi-cast etc.
#2 Posted By: Boci on Nov 10 2004 2:30AM

It would be cool to compete Armies of Exigo in GBT.:)
#3 Posted By: Pillars on Nov 10 2004 8:02PM

It's definately too early to tell whether AoX will be a game worthy of legitimate consideration for competition on this site. The game itself [judging from the fairly fleshed-out multiplayer demo] is *excellent*. Unlike many other RTS games currently on the market, it has legitimate strategic depth. The question will hinge on whether the game develops enough of a following.

If GBT is looking to promote the most strategically sound games in the RTS genre, however, this game demands a look.

#4 Posted By: azureXsmurF on Nov 13 2004 6:21PM

Yeah this would definitely be a good title to host a competitive professional ladder.
#5 Posted By: iKill4FuN on Nov 21 2004 5:11PM

This game has all the requirement to provide a very competitive and entertaining ladder.
I really hope to see it here on GBT :)
#6 Posted By: GBT-DonKing (ADMIN) on Nov 26 2004 2:20PM

The game looks great.
#7 Posted By: iKill4FuN on Nov 27 2004 7:54PM

@ DonKing: the game is great!
Lot of good players will definitely join it.
Replays are just so much entertaining.
Game are tense. Real RTS with economy gestion but also micro and macro skills requires!
Go and open a ladder for it ^^
If you need help, you can contact me...
Thanks in advance (^_-)
#8 Posted By: theycallhimtom on Dec 1 2004 4:09PM

This game looks awesome a ladder for it would be so cool. GOGO LADDER!
#9 Posted By: Jamers on Dec 1 2004 4:32PM

I'd like to add my opinion that it'd be awesome if a GBT league was created for this game.

I've been playing RTS for 12 years ever since Dune in 1992. In the post-StarCraft days, this is easily the most promising RTS game I have encountered.
#10 Posted By: zmir on Dec 1 2004 9:54PM

Yes i think everyone who plays this game agrees that it is very top notch competetive fast paced RTS with enough stratigic depth to satisfy even top notch players of other great RTS titles..and it looks beuitifull as well so the added eye candy sure is a bonus :)

i dont want to beg but pls put a ladder for this game on GBT :) Pretty pls?
#11 Posted By: smaq on Dec 3 2004 8:14PM

AoX is a great game that has to potential to become very popular. I know there are already a lot of people who would be interested in a GBT ladder for it. The publicity would also help the community a lot.
#12 Posted By: Karas on Dec 21 2004 9:45PM

This game has the best gameplay I've experienced since starcraft. It provides the intense combat of starcraft with some of the unit spells and polish of modern rts. Its strategic depth is great, and I think it would be a great game for the ladder.
#13 Posted By: MuxMux on Dec 21 2004 9:59PM

man this game rox, im sure that its the best RTS after Starcraft, its very fun/competitive and i think its a good ideia a GBT ladder for AoX . Hope you guys listen our(players) suggestions an do it :)

bye bye
#14 Posted By: AirRaid on Dec 23 2004 12:19AM

i hope you get a league going for this game! its great.
#15 Posted By: Swooper on Dec 23 2004 1:15AM

Yeah would be very cool to get a league going on for this :)
#16 Posted By: Inside_Me on Dec 30 2004 10:27AM

very nice game!
#17 Posted By: Swooper on Dec 30 2004 11:13AM

ahh we need a league going on for this :P
#18 Posted By: OjKa on Dec 31 2004 7:44AM

I don't even have the game but i know it is pretty damn cool form the demo. This game is already getting big in Korea (Who lets face it make games huge) because of its sexyness so it deserves to be in GBT aswell as other gosu tournies
#19 Posted By: _GZ_X_ on Jan 5 2005 8:05AM

I didn't at all like the demo for this game, was to much copy not enough inovation for my liking.
#20 Posted By: iKill4FuN on Jan 8 2005 4:43AM

@ _GZ_X_, maybe they should put Empires DMW with WW1 USA wars only, in their league? ^^
#21 Posted By: _GZ_X_ on Jan 11 2005 4:25AM

I play that game only till EE2 or AoE 3 everything else is just as boring atm.
#22 Posted By: iKill4FuN on Feb 4 2005 2:59PM

Armies of Exigo is still the best choice IMO.
#23 Posted By: Inside_Me on Feb 5 2005 3:47AM

aox is great!
the best rts at the moment
#24 Posted By: GoM_Hassan on Feb 6 2005 12:54AM

I hope Don-King will finish his consideration with positive oppinion of adding the game^^
#25 Posted By: iKill4FuN on Mar 10 2005 3:49PM

any idea of when they are going to announce which game have been selected? I hope AoX will be in :)
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