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Age of Empires 3: 1v1 Ladder

Game and Mod:Age of Empires 3 / Supremecy
Ladder Ends: Aug 30 2007 4:00PM
Ladder Supervisor: GBT-DonKing

Age of Empires 3

Age of Empires 3 - Latest Version

Best of - One (1)

Server - ESO2

Type - Supremacy

Maps -  Carolina, Great Plains, New England, Rockies, Texas, Yukon, Amazonia, Seguenay

Spectators - Spectators are only allowed on the server if both players agree.

Settings -
    * Supremacy
    * Home City Levels - any
    * Game Speed - Whatever both players agree to
    * Map - Standard Maps
    * Starting Age - Discovery
    * Difficulty - Moderate
    * Game Speed - Medium
    * Free For All - Off
    * Record Game - On
    * Allow Cheats - Off
    * Handicapping - Off

Map Exploits and Bugs – If an area is accessible due to an exploit or bug in the map, that location is off limits. If a player uses such an area to hide, the game admin may incur a suitable penalty. If you are unsure whether an area is considered off limits, ask an Admin before your match.

Server/Player Crashes – If a player disconnects before the match ends then the dropped player loses the match. You may replay the match if both players agree.

Demos/Screenshots – GBT requires that all players record a demo. Save the demo in case of a dispute, if a dispute occurs we may ask for the demo and if one cannot be provided, you may be disqualified. Every player must take a screenshot at the beginning of a match with both teams of models viewable, a smoke grenade in view, and the score board must be up.

Models - Players must use the default models of ALL models included with the game. Any player caught using anything but default models will forfeit the match and possibly be removed from the league for multiple offenses.

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