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Did you know your gaming console plays DVD movies?

Duh. Of course you did.  Unfortunately, only 30% of console owners realize that their Xbox and PlayStation consoles can play DVD or HD-DVD/Blue-ray disks.  In related news, 70% of console owners are artards.

Posted by Kunochan on Jun 29 2007 4:51PM

Schizophrenic believes he lives inside Grand Theft Auto

Crazy! The Royal Society of Medicine reports on a schizophrenic who stole cars and assaulted strangers; the anonymous patient believes he lives inside a Grand Theft Auto game.  In related news, Jack Thompson creams in his jeans.

Posted by Kunochan on Jun 29 2007 4:28PM

Utrecht University student project De Blob coming to Wii

De Blob, a project of the Utrecht School of the Arts and Utrecht University students, will arrive on the Wii thanks to a publishing deal with THQ. The game sees players attempt to repaint the Station area in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands. German magazine Go Nintendo has the full scoop.

Posted by mahmood on Jun 29 2007 2:14PM

Everyone ignored a major milestone in eSports this week

It's probably because everyone is too busy slinging mud at the CGS, but the CPL just celebrated their 10-year anniversary this past Tuesday.  Angel Munoz made an appearance on the daily internet video show Epileptic Gaming, and was met with many surprises (like a call from John Romero)!  Two full hours of video are available from this special show, and you may be surprised how many new things you will learn about the past, present and future of the CPL organization.

Posted by djRoME on Jun 29 2007 11:26AM

Starcraft 2 Protoss Colossus screenshots

A couple of new screenshots showing off the Protoss Colossus from Starcraft 2 came out, so here they are. This won't really tide any of us over until the game comes out, but it's the best Blizzard can do now. Have a look.

Posted by mahmood on Jun 29 2007 11:09AM

WoW players make good businessmen ...supposedly

A study conducted by IBM and Seriosity suggests that MMORPG players make good business leaders. Read that again just for full effect. Done? OK. The study points to collaborative efforts in such games, like taking on the giant black dragon Onyxia in World of Warcraft (which used to require forty people, or something ridiculous).

Posted by mahmood on Jun 29 2007 10:37AM

New Resistance maps released today

Two new Resistance: Fall of Man maps hit the PlayStation Network today, coming in at $7.99. The maps, Westmoreland and Camborne, support all game types. Both are set in the UK, as with the rest of the game.

Posted by mahmood on Jun 29 2007 10:07AM

Sony says SIXAXIS rumble details just a rumor

In response to yesterday's news that Sony was developing a SIXAXIS conroller with new rumble technology called "touchsense," SCEA's David Karraker says that PSM France's info was just "rumor and speculation." No doubt rumble is going to come to the PlayStation 3, it's just a matter of when and in what capacity.

Posted by Robert Summa on Jun 29 2007 9:46AM

ESWC opens back door for celeb teams, Toxic and fox choose WSVG

The ESWC Organizing Committee has announced that the Swedish superstar CS team Ninjas in Pyjamas will attend the event along with h2k from Denmark and the famous female CS team Les Seules. On the other hand, Quake 4 star players Johan "Toxic" Quick and Magnus "fox" Olsson have decided not to attend and go to WSVG Dallas instead.

Posted by Carmac on Jun 29 2007 7:22AM

Sega announces cross platform RTS title for PC, 360

Following in the footsteps of Shadowrun, Sega has announced that their upcoming real-time strategy game Universe at War: Earth Assault will support the ability for Games for Windows PC users and Xbox 360 owners to square off.

Posted by Robert Summa on Jun 28 2007 6:19PM

The PvP Report: Are Classes Imbalanced For 5v5?

Night Elf boobies. The PvP Report is GBT's weekly look at the "World of Warcraft" Arena Tournament scene.  This week: global top ten ranked teams; Check-Six and Pandemic acquire Arena teams; and why are there so many Warriors and Paladins on 5v5 teams?

Posted by Kunochan on Apr 20 2007 7:20AM

GBT's 2006 In Photos Part 5: DigitalLife, WCG, WSVG

Check out Part 1, with pics from the Samsung Euro Championship and the Transatlantic Showdown!

Posted by Carmac on Jan 10 2007 1:06PM

GBT's 2006 In Photos Part 4: Games Convention, WCG, DigitalLife

Check out Part 1, with pics from the Samsung Euro Championship and the Transatlantic Showdown!

Posted by Carmac on Jan 9 2007 12:28PM

GBT's 2006 In Photos Part 3: HHGL, ESWC & Home of Chrome

Check out Part 1, with pics from the Samsung Euro Championship and the Transatlantic Showdown!

Posted by Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz on Jan 8 2007 3:15PM

GBT's 2006 In Photos Part 2: Transatlantic Showdown, E3, HHGL

Check out Part 1, with pics from the Samsung Euro Championship and the Transatlantic Showdown!

Posted by Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz on Jan 5 2007 4:08PM

GBT's 2006 In Photos Part 1

Or Part 2 with pics from TAS, E3 and the HHGL!

Posted by Carmac on Jan 5 2007 2:55PM

Aktrez's 2006 Review Part 3: Xbox 360

Read Part 1: Nintendo Wii

Posted by Becky on Jan 4 2007 2:37PM

Socrates_ Drops from CPL Winter

Jason "socrates_" Sylka dropped out of this past weekend's CPL Winter Championships "Quake 3" tourney to concentrate on, and win, the WCG Holiday Clash "Quake 4" event.

Posted by Kunochan on Dec 18 2006 2:24PM

The Last Minute Cheapskate Buying Guide

It's Christmas time again, and if you haven't bought gifts for the gamers you love, then shame on you! Just kidding. But what if you don't have the budget for that 60" plasma TV?

Posted by mahmood on Dec 15 2006 5:09AM

Grubby Takes WSVG Warcraft 3 Title

In a another thriller of a Grand Final, this time it was the Dutchman Manuel "Grubby" Schenhuizen who beat the Undead player ung Hee “Sweet" Chun with 2-0 and 2-1.

Posted by Cash on Dec 11 2006 12:39PM

REVIEW: Razer Pro|Type Keyboard

The Razer Pro|Solutions line of products is geared toward working professionals who demand the utmost performance from their peripherals.  As a result, some of the keyboard's features may seem gimmicky or useless to gamers, until you realize that they are made with broad appeal in mind...

Posted by mahmood on Apr 25 2007 2:00PM

January! I LOVE January!

Who's the big winner of the Swedish transfer season? What the hell is going on in America with coL buying 3D's players? Is "CS:Source" the future and will the Championship Gaming Invitational take over the world?

Posted by Carmac on Jan 18 2007 2:34PM

REVIEW: Razer Deathadder

Posted by mahmood on Jan 12 2007 1:16PM

Aktrez's 2006 Review Part 2: PLAYSTATION 3

Read Part 1: Nintendo Wii

Posted by Becky on Jan 3 2007 2:20PM

Aktrez's 2006 Review Part 1: Nintendo Wii

Read Part 2: PS3

Posted by Becky on Jan 2 2007 4:55PM

Spike VGA Video Coverage on GBT!

GBT's exclusive video coverage of the Spike Video Game Awards red carpets, starring Becky "Aktrez" Young and Brian Shaer, is now online at GBT TV.

Posted by Kunochan on Dec 18 2006 11:58AM

The Best Digitally Distributed Games Of 2006

2006 was a breakout year for digital distribution, and what better way to cap it off than by counting down the top digitally distributed games of the year?

Posted by mahmood on Dec 15 2006 3:00PM

Moon Wins International Electronic Sports Tournament

Jae Ho "Moon" Jang has managed to win the International Electronic Sports Tournament and pocketed $ 20,000 in cash.

Posted by Cash on Dec 12 2006 1:40PM

The World Series Versus The World Tour

Posted by Stuart 'TosspoT' Saw on Dec 11 2006 3:10PM

Drug Testing At the CPL: So What?

The responses to yesterday's news that the CPL would require players to submit to drug tests if asked are a bit puzzling to me.

Posted by mahmood on Dec 7 2006 12:40PM

Gamer Life: Tracy "M!ksura" Mallia

Gamer Life returns this week with Maltese falcon Tracy "M!ksura" Mallia, an Enemy Territory player with a lot on her mind.  "Everyone knows and says that I am a dreamer I think most of my daytime is spent daydreaming. People that know me very well say that I am really caring..."

Posted by Cash on Apr 26 2007 11:30AM

Gamer Life: Jeff "Smeagol" Dickinson

GBT's Gamer Life is back! And for the first installment of the new series, the GBT has interviewed one of iTG's prime casters for the Counter Strike community, Jeffrey "Smeagol" Dickinson

Posted by Cash on Apr 20 2007 1:16AM

2006 In Player Transfers

January is traditionally and a mad transfer season in gaming and marks the beginning of a new season of tournaments as well. And tt is also a perfect time to take a look at the 2006 player signings in Quake so we find out who was smart, who was lucky and who couldn't tell the difference between a sparkling prodigy and a meteorite.

Posted by Carmac on Jan 9 2007 6:19PM

Players of 2006 - Nominees Announced

January is traditionally a time of various roundups, announcements and awards. Following a tradition started in 2002 by Michal "Carmac" Blicharz, the GBT has organized the "Players of the Year" poll for gaming media all over the world and it is time to announce the nominees.

Posted by Carmac on Jan 2 2007 11:09AM

World Series: Sins Of Youth

New York's World Series of Video Games grand finals event had one thing written all over it: first event. The players, the teams' managers and the journalists alike agreed that the WSVG had its shortcomings. Most of them could be put down as typical sins of youth.

Posted by Carmac on Dec 19 2006 12:20PM

QuakeCon 2007 Announced

ID Software has just announced that QuakeCon will continue in 2007. Following QuakeCon's late announcement of the 2006 edition, they have now bounced back topping its previous events in scale.

Posted by Cash on Dec 18 2006 5:00PM

Quiet In The Studio

"Carmac, you gotta write some s**t. This is f****g weird." The words that Mark Walden, the mastermind behind the Fatal1ty brand, shouted into my ear during the final duely describe what went down in the Chelsea Piers' television studio at the World Series of Video Games.

Posted by Carmac on Dec 11 2006 12:01AM

World Series of Video Game Finals: Predictions

The World Series of Video Games tournament starts in New York on Saturday. The Quake 4 competition of the event is very tough to call, so we decided six experts and one Polish coin to predict the event's outcomes for us.

Posted by Carmac on Dec 8 2006 11:35AM

CPL Nordic Day 2 Summary

Dreamhack, the world's largest LAN event, and CPL Nordic have kicked off.

Posted by Cash on Nov 30 2006 4:07PM

World Series of Video Games To Host Project Gotham Racing 3 Tournament

The World Series of Video Games and XBox Live have announced it will hold Project Gotham Racing 3 tournament with its finals at the WSVG Finals in New York City from December 9 to 11.

Posted by Cash on Nov 14 2006 4:04PM



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