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Cooller: "I am not the best"

The player of 2003 in Quake 3. Arguably the best Quake 3 dueller of all time. ZeRo4's menace. Cooller. An extremely interesting persona, famous for his mid-game smileys and funny quotes. Interviews with the Russian legend are fairly rare in English and this one was actually taken in Russian and translated into English. As usual, Cooller is more terse than talkative but this is what makes the interview fun.
My greatest advantage is just skill. This is because for me that single word holds many meanings. This includes the ability to play well against any opponent. This includes not being afraid of the rival. The ability to adapt to a particular player. To shoot well, to think well, to find the opponent's weaknesses and mistakes well. I try to win trying to get all of the above to overlap as much as possible.
Find out more about this peculiar man inside the article.

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Posted by Michal Blicharz on Jan 25 2005 6:46AM

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Jan 25 2005 7:35AM
Nice work Carmac, though Mr. Anton likes to avoid lengthy questions :)
Jan 25 2005 7:44AM
haha, Cooller's a pimp...we had a bad ass time in Las Vegas. Nice interview!

I will expect Cooller/jibo to keep dominated Quake until I get good.
Jan 25 2005 8:26AM
#1: You've had this long to get good...face it, it's not happenin'
Jan 25 2005 9:12AM
Nice Interview
Jan 25 2005 9:55AM
Jan 25 2005 2:54PM
i like me
Jan 25 2005 5:57PM
Nice answer on the play-style question ;) Let's hope he is wrong in the money
Jan 25 2005 9:29PM
He's not wrong. >:)
Jan 26 2005 3:25AM
Well... about his answeres. He doesn't seem to be wrong about almost anything... but
they won't dominate the EuroCup. If they will get to the LAN Finals, they might even
be third or fourth, but the eliminary part might get very hard for them.

Btw. Does anyone knows, how many clans are going to that LAN?
Jan 26 2005 4:33PM
r0x0r =D

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