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Do you plan on playing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars?

YES! I'm camping out in line to be the first!
I'll try it out and see how it is
RIP ID Software... too little too late
So when is UT3 coming out?
No I do not
What is Quake Wars?

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Jun 11 2007 2:13PM
It was time for a damn hardcore damn gaming poll.

Don't let me down ;)
Jun 11 2007 6:42PM
No, I am set for games at the moment with CSS/war3 (as soon as I get my war3 working

And then SC2 is the next thing I will be playing, but not this. There are 100
games like it.
Jun 11 2007 9:29PM
Fix the fourth choice. UT2007 is no more. It's called UT3.
Jun 12 2007 2:36AM
good lookin' out, brother to the north.

Jun 13 2007 1:32PM
"YES! I'm camping out in line to be the first!"
It will be good game ^^
Jun 15 2007 1:26PM
God, what has the gaming makers gone to?
Jun 19 2007 5:33PM
i agree. ID Software is making a bad mistake with Quake Wars: Enemy Territory it
think. Quake is a game where its Deathmatch and ctf and hardcore fast paced action.
Why god WHY did they decide to go the Battlefield Direction? I play quake for the
rush, not the boring walking around a huge level with tanks and flying shit comming
at me. if i wanted to play that i would buy Battlefield... you dont see battlefield
making a deathmatch game. Because they stick to what they know. Screw Splash Damage.
Jun 20 2007 11:38AM
I haven't heard much of this game, but It looks awesome.

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