Frequently Asked Questions


I. How to register and get started

A. Sign Up for a Free GBT Membership
The first thing you will need to do to get started in the GBT is to create a membership account.

1. Click REGISTER (MAIN NAV) under the login box in the upper right of the site to go to the registration page.
2. Please fill out all of the required and optional information and click I'M READY TO JOIN to sign up for membership.
3. You will receive an email at the account you registered with the GBT. You will need to view this email and copy and paste a link into your browser to activate your account.

B. Login to
Now that you have an account you will need to LOGIN in the upper right hand corner of the site.

1. Enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD you created during registration and press the GO button.

C. Edit Profile
You will now be at your main PROFILE page, the central access point of your GBT tools. You should enter some additional personal information in your bio so the GBT and other GBT gamers can learn more about you.

1. Click on Edit Profile (SUB NAV) and enter some personalized information in the BIO section on the right.
2. Click the SAVE CHANGES button to save the changes.

D. Browse Events / Find a Game / Join a Ladder
Now you will want to browse for a GBT event or online ladders to join and compete in.

1. Hover over COMPETITIONS (MAIN NAV) and click on EVENTS to see a list of GBT live and online events.
2. Hover over COMPETITIONS (MAIN NAV) and click on LADDERS to see a list of games and their ladders, some of which may be associated with a larger online event.
3. Hover over COMPETITIONS (MAIN NAV) and click on LEAGUES to see a list of games and their leagues, some of which may be associated with a larger online event.

E. Communicate with Other Members
The GBT is a community and it is important that you learn how to communicate with other members.

1. Participate in the messageboards by clicking FORUMS (MAIN NAV).
2. Chat live with members in IRC by going to any of the Game Ladders or Leagues pages.
3. Hover over COMPETITIONS (MAIN NAV) and click on LADDERS or LEAGUES, bringing you to a page with a list of games.
4. After selecting the game of your choice from the drop down menus or by clicking the appropriate hyperlink, you will see LADDER INFO and under that IRC CHANNEL. Click the link that is to the right, e.g. #gbt-cs on gamesurge

If you have an IRC client installed, it will automatically launch and put you in the ladder?s IRC channel where you can chat with other members.

If you need an IRC client we recommend the mIRC client located at

II. How to Create and Join a Team
1. To create a team, login with your username and password and then click CREATE TEAM on top right (SUB NAV)
2: Enter in your teams details and click the SAVE CHANGES button to create your team. Remember the JOINCODE, you will need to give it to other players in order for them to join your team.
3. Have potential members visit your profile by either clicking on your name or searching for you (or your team?s name) in the search box located at the right of the page.
4. Once they have reached your profile, they will click on the team name that they wish to join next to TEAM(S) in your information.
5. To join the team, click JOIN THIS TEAM, enter the JOINCODE in the box, and click the SUBMIT button.
6. As the team captain, you should experiment with the team management tools by clicking on MANAGE next to your team's name in your profile. Teammates can be promoted and demoted, teams may add their own news, and you can view and manage SQUADS, etc.

III. How to Join a Ladder
A. How to Join a 1v1 Ladder
1. Hover over COMPETITIONS (MAIN NAV) and click on LADDERS to see a list of games and their ladders.
2. Select the 1v1 ladder from the drop down menus to go to the ladder's homepage.
3. Once on the game ladder page you can join the ladder by clicking the JOIN THIS LADDER image.
4. Depending on your ladder rules, you may be required to enter your Player ID for identity verification and cheat prevention. Please see the specific rules for your game ladder by clicking "READ LADDERS RULES" (SUB NAV).

B. How to Join a Team Ladder
1. Your team must have enough members to meet the minimum requirements of the game ladder. For example: If you would like to join the Counter-Strike 5v5 ladder, your team must have at least 5 members (including yourself) in order to join.
2. Once you have the minimum number of teammates required, join the team ladder of your choice by hovering over COMPETITIONS (MAIN NAV) and clicking on LADDERS.
3. Select the desired team ladder from the drop down menu.
4. You will then be at the team ladder's homepage. From here the squad leader will need to click the JOIN THIS LADDER image.
5. You will then enter the SQUAD JOIN CODE and your Game Unique ID (if required by the ladder's rules) and click SUBMIT.
6. At this point you must designate a squad for the ladder.
7. Select the squad out of the list of your team members and click SUBMIT.
8. You may have multiple squads on the same ladder, however each squad must have a unique roster of players.
9. Depending on your ladder rules, you may be required to enter your Game Unique ID for identity verification and cheat prevention. Please see the specific rules for your game ladder by clicking "READ LADDER RULES" (SUB NAV).
10. Only the Team Leader and Squad Leader can join a team ladder and register a squad.
11. Once you have created a squad and joined a team ladder, you may add, remove, promote, and perform other squad management functions in your profile page.

IV. Challenging
A. General Challenge Guidelines
Before you make a challenge, you should be aware of the rules and regulations of the GBT system laid out in the following guidelines:
The "Challenger" is the Person Proposing the Challenge
The "Challengee" is the Person Receiving the Challenge

1. You may make 3 outgoing challenges and receive 1 incoming challenge at any given time.
2. The GBT system will only allow you to challenge players within 10% above and 10% below your point range:
- The GBT system will not allow you to challenge someone more than once every 72 hours.
3. The farthest out you may challenge is one week from the current date.
4. Challenges can be proposed from 4:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. in the Challengee's time zone.
- You must make three date/time propositions when you propose a challenge.
- Two of the three propositions must be on the same day and must also be at least two hours apart.
5. Declining a challenge incurs a penalty of 25 points.
6. Declining a challenge after a reschedule has been proposed incurs no penalty.
7. A Forfeit win awards 20 points until you or your team has 10 forfeit wins, at which point it awards 10 points.
8. A Forfeit Loss incurs a penalty of 50 points.
9. Instant Challenges may be proposed at any time.
10. There is no penalty for declining an instant challenge.
11. Once the match is over the winner should report the scores.
- Scores cannot be reported until 30 minutes after the scheduled match time.
- If scores are not reported 5 hours from the scheduled match time, the match will expire and both players / teams will be penalized 10 points.
12. During the challenge process, emails will be sent back and forth between the CHALLENGER and CHALLENGEE with updates related to the challenge.
13. Admins may suspend or remove competitors from the ladder if they are consistently inactive.

B. How to Initiate a Challenge
Now that you have joined the ladder, you will notice a list of players / teams, some of which have a MAKE A CHALLENGE link on the far right.

These players / teams are within your challengeable range and clicking on the "MAKE A CHALLENGE" link will begin the challenge process.

1. Select a player / team you would like to play and click "MAKE A CHALLENGE" to bring up the GBT CHALLENGE CENTER screen.

Only squad leaders can initiate a challenge with the other challengeable teams on the team ladders.

C. Proposing the Challenge Details
To successfully complete a challenge you will need to propose 3 different times, choose 3 different maps, and select 3 possible servers.

1. From the DATE & TIME drop down menu, select 3 times.
2. All 3 times must be unique and two of the times must be on the same day, at least two hours apart.
3. From the MAPS drop down menu, select 3 different maps for the challenge.
4. In the SERVERS section, select 3 different servers using the drop down menu to propose the servers for the challenge.

You may also select "We will find our own" as an option, if you would like to attempt to find a non-GBT server to play your opponent on.

5. After you have filled in all the required information, click on the "CHALLENGE" button to initiate the challenge.

D. Completing the Challenge Process
After you have selected 3 unique date & time propositions, 3 unique maps, and 3 unique server choices, Click on the "SUBMIT" button to make the challenge and send it to your opponent.
Once your opponent agrees to a date/time, map, and server, the challenge will be accepted and will become a scheduled match.
Once a match is scheduled, both players must meet at the designated time and play the match.
For more information on how to connect to servers or play your particular game, please view the FAQ for your particular game ladder by going to your game ladder homepage and clicking "LADDER FAQ"
For more information on Challenge Rules and Regulations, please view the General Challenge Guidelines (Section IV - A).

E. Instant Challenges
1. If you happen to be online and speaking with your opponent and you both agree to play immediately, you may use the "INSTANT CHALLENGE" feature, by clicking the checkbox on the challenge page.
2. You do not need to pick date/time when INSTANT CHALLNEGE is used the challenge is scheduled to happen immediately.
3. Instant challenges may be proposed outside of the normal 4:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. timeframe.
4. There is no penalty for declining instant challenges, however once an instant challenge has been accepted you must play the match.

F. Communicating with Your Opponent
After you have successfully initiated the challenge process, you may view the status of the proposed challenge by clicking on "VIEW CURRENT MATCHES" in the top right (SUB NAV).

Emails will be sent to the CHALLENGER and the CHALLENGEE throughout the challenge process alerting them of the status of the challenge.

Each scheduled challenge has an information page that can be accessed by clicking on a challenge in the GBT CHALLENGE CENTER section of your profile.

On the bottom part of the information page there is a pre-match COMMENTS messageboard that can be used by the CHALLENGEE and CHALLENGER for any back and forth dialogue including: server selection, trash talking, etc.

You may also email your opponent at anytime by visiting their GBT profile and clicking email link to take you to the GBT MESSAGE CENTER.

G. Playing a Match
Once a challenge has been proposed, the CHALLENGER must wait for the CHALLENGEE to accept or decline the pending challenge.

If the challenge is accepted, the CHALLENGEE will select one of the three dates / times, one of the 3 maps for the match, and one of the proposed servers.

1. Show up on time for your match.
2. If your opponent is 30 minutes late for a scheduled match, you may report a forfeit win.
3. Remember to keep screenshots and / or demos of the match in the event of a dispute.

H. Reporting Scores
1. Once the match is over the winning player / Squad Captain will go to their profile and view the appropriate challenge.
2. For RTS games (Starcraft, Warcraft, Age of Mythology) please report "1" for the winner and "0" for the loser.
3. Report the results and click the SUBMIT button.
4. If the match is played before the pre-scheduled time, scores will not be reportable until 30 minutes after the scheduled time has passed.
5. If you do not report your scores within 24 hours from the scheduled match time, the match will expire and both players / teams will be penalized 10 points.
6. If you have any issues with your opponent contact your Ladder Admin.
7. Your Ladder Admins information is on your ladder page in the ladder info section.

I. Match Disputes
If you have a dispute with an opponent, please contact your Ladder Admin. Please note: Disputes are for inconsistencies in score reporting ONLY.

Please keep screenshots for every GBT match you play. In the event you are involved in a dispute, screenshots and/or game demo recordings will be required by Admins in order to make a determination on what the proper outcome should be.

If you feel your opponent was cheating, please gather all evidence and send an email to our Head League Admin, Don King, at DonKing(@)

If a member is determined to be abusing the score reporting or dispute policy, they may be penalized or suspended.

J. Match Feedback
The GBT Member Feedback system allows GBT members to rate their experience playing an opponent and leave feedback regarding matches that have been played.

Using the feedback system after each match will help empower the GBT community to police itself against abusive members, similar to how the EBAY community polices itself against fraudulent users.

1. When you report scores for your match you will notice a section called "Match Feedback".
2. Select NEGATIVE, NEUTRAL, or POSITIVE depending on how you would rate your experience playing against the other player / team.
3. You may also leave a feedback comment pertaining to the particular match for other users to see.
4. In general, you should use positive feedback if the scheduling and playing portions of the challenge process were successful and went smoothly, neutral if the all around experience was not too bad, and negative if your opponent was not pleasant to deal with, or you STRONGLY suspect some for of abuse.
5. Members accumulate a feedback rating depending on the feedback they receive from other members. Positive feedback = +1, Neutral feedback = 0, and Negative feedback = -1.
6. Members that abuse the feedback system will receive a penalty to ranking and potentially receive temporary or indefinite suspension.
7. Leaving false feedback may result in penalty to ranking and / or suspension.

V. Game Servers and International Matchups
A. Server Selection Guidelines
The GBT provides official servers for our members to use for matches.

Please note that when a match is booked on a server, the server will only be up for window of time (depending on game title) and you will be unable to play the match before or after the scheduled time.

If you book a match on a GBT server, please show up on time and limit any pre-match practice to a few minutes.

The following titles are supported:

- Quake III: Arena
- Counter-Strike
- Call of Duty
- Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

If no servers are available or the selection appears to be limited, you can change the time to see if more servers are available in that timeslot.

If a server cannot be agreed upon, players should use one of the GBT servers.

In the event a fair GBT server is not proposed or a server cannot be agreed upon, please deny the challenge and try again if desired.

The GBT does not provide official servers for the following titles which are played on networks maintained by their respective game developers:

- Starcraft Broodwar which uses for gameplay
- Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne which uses for gameplay
- Age of Mythology: The Titans which uses ESO for gameplay

For any of the above titles without GBT servers, please refer to your ladder FAQ for instructions on how to play matches.

B. International Match Guidelines
In an international matchup, players / teams are encouraged to try and find a reasonable server to play on before proposing a challenge.

Keep in mind that challenges can only be made between 4:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. in the Challengee's time zone and international matchups may be difficult to schedule depending on what country the Challenger lives in.

In the playoffs, admins will determine the fairest procedure for any international matchups on a case-by-case basis.

VI. Misc. Questions
Q: What is the Gaming Bucket?
A: The GBT is building a next-generation sports league through the organization and management of video gaming competitions and active promotion of its best players.

The GBT creates fans and stars by producing world-class entertainment and events where professionally dedicated players gain recognition for their lifestyle, skill and commitment to competitive multiplayer videogaming, "V-Sports?."

Top professional gamers and gaming teams have the chance to qualify for live GBT Championship Events with the opportunity to earn cash, prizes, endorsements and respect.

Q: How do I join the Gaming Bucket?
A: To sign up for a free charter membership to the GBT, all you need to do is fill out the registration form and validate your account through email. Once you have a membership then you can choose to compete in any of our online or live events.

Q: Will the GBT share my information with outside parties?
A: No, the GBT maintains a strict privacy policy, which can be found here.

Q: How long do GBT Seasons last?
A: In general, GBT seasons will last 4-6 months from the start of the pre-season to the final playoff matches. The GBT may extend or shorten seasons to accommodate for major Holidays or Live Events, but in general there will be approximately 2 GBT seasons per year with an "off-season" break between seasons.

Q: Can I play on more than one Season ladder?
A: Yes, playing in multiple ladders is encouraged. However, it is your responsibility to know the playoff game groupings, schedule, and join regular season ladders that will not conflict with your ability to participate in the playoffs.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a problem/question with the Ladder?
A: Contact Don King at or on AIM GBT DonKing

Q: I would like a particular game to be added as a ladder game. Where can I suggest this?
A: The GBT is an unbiased organization and will support the games and platforms suggested by our members.

There are two ways to nominate games for upcoming season:
1. Post in the "Game Nominations" section of our forums.
2. You may also email nominate(@) with your suggestions.

Q: Which time zone is my match scheduled for?
A: The GBT match times are determined by the Time Zone you selected when you joined the GBT. If you selected PST for your local time zone then the ladder times will show PST even if your opponent is EST, CST, etc.

For example: You schedule a match 2 days from now for 7:00 p.m. PST, which will give you plenty of time to get back from class. Your opponent happens to live in New York which is PST + 3, so they will see the time as 10:00 p.m. EST.

This system was implemented for convenience and to prevent confusion between our vast geographical range of members.

Q: Who is the Admin for my ladder?
A: All ladder specific information, such as rules, prizes, admin, etc, is contained on the ladder page that you joined. You can view all available ladders by clicking "Games" in the navigation bar, or you can view the ladders you've currently joined by viewing your profile.

Q: I forgot my login password; can you send it to me please?
A: If you have forgotten your password please click the "forgot password" link below the login area in the upper right hand part of the site.

You will then be asked to fill out some information to verify your identity. Your password will then be emailed to the email you have registered in your user profile (SETTINGS).

Q: Will my points/rank be updated as soon as I report a match outcome?
A: Yes

Q: I reported a match and my rank/points have not increased yet, what is going on?
A: Contact GBT-DonKing on ETG #gbt or email at or message on AIM GBT DonKing and let him know.

Q: How many points do I get when I win a match?
A: The number of points you gain as a consequence for winning a match will depend on your opponent's rank.

The higher your opponent's ranking, the more points you get for winning.

Q: What are the ways to lose points?
A: The number of points you lose as a consequence of losing a match will depend 1) on your opponent?s rank, 2) forfeiting matches, and 3) negative penalties applied by game admins.

1. Being defeated by lower ranked opponents will cause you to lose more points than if a higher ranked opponent defeated you.
2. Denying a challenge incurs the same penalty as a loss.
3. Forfeiting a match will cause you to lose twice the points of a normal loss. Continuously forfeiting matches will cause you to lose an even greater number of points per forfeit and may result in you being suspended for a time period on the ladder or removed completely.
4. Game Admins may add a negative score penalty if a member has a history of receiving negative feedback from opponents.

Q: How many times can I be challenged?
A: You may make 3 outgoing challenges and receive 1 incoming challenge at any given time.

Q: Once a match is scheduled, who gets to choose the server?
A: Please view Section IV-C and Section V-A in the FAQ above.

Q: After I play my match how long do I have to report it?
A: Scores cannot be reported until 30 minutes after the scheduled match time and the winner should report the scores as soon as possible after the match is over.

If scores are not reported within 5 hours after the scheduled time, then the match will expire and both players / teams will receive a 10 point penalty.

Q: Can we play our match early?
A: Sure, but you can't report the outcome until 30 minutes after the scheduled time has passed.

Q: Who reports the match results?
A: The winner of the match must report the victory; the loser does not need to report at all. If the scores are not reported within 5 hours of match time, the match will expire and both players / teams will receive a 10 point penalty.

Q: In the RTS games Warcraft3/Broodwar and AOM:TT where the highest score doesn't always determine the winner of the match, what score do I input?
A: 1 for the winner and 0 for the loser.

Q: If my opponent leaves the game before the match is over do I report a Forfeit win or the score?
A: Report the score. For Starcraft, Warcraft, or Age of Mythology please report 1 for the winner and 0 for the loser.

Q: If my opponent does not show up for a match, how long until I can report a forfeit win?
A: If your opponent does not show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled match time, then you should report a forfeit win.

Q: If a team challenges me or my team to an instant challenge and we decline, do we get penalized?
A: No, there is no penalty for not responding to an instant challenge.

Remember: Once ANY challenge has been accepted, including instant challenges, then you will lose points if you don't show up at match time.

Q: How long do we have to accept or decline a challenge?
A: Be considerate to other GBT gamers and respond to challenges ASAP.

Challenge propositions will expire if they have not been accepted at least 3 hours before the time.

Q: How long before I can challenge the same player again or they can challenge me again?
A: 72 hours from the time the scores are reported from the previous match.

Q: What happens if I challenge a player/team and they do not respond?
A: The challenge will expire as if your opponent had declined the challenge and they will lose points.

Q: What happens if I Instant Challenge a player / team and they don't respond?
A: The challenge will be valid for 3 hours, if your opponent does not accept it within 3 hours it will be dropped without penalty to either player/team.

Q: Do I get points for a forfeit win?
A: Yes, you will be awarded 20 points until you have 10 forfeit wins, at which point in time you will receive 10 points for each subsequent forfeit win.

Q: Do I lose points for a forfeit loss?
A: Yes, a forfeit loss incurs a 50 point penalty.

Q: How do I leave a team?
A: Go to your team details page in your profile and click the red X next to your name to leave that particular team.

Q: Where do I report my match win?
A: Go to your profile and click challenges in the subnav then click the red 'report' link.

Q: How many people can be on my squad?
A: You may have as many people on your squad as you would like. However, if you have more than 1 squad on a ladder the rosters must be unique.



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