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Skate 2 release date and features detailed

Today EA Black Box announced that the long awaited squeal to Skate, Skate 2, will arrive on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 just after the new year. Hitting North American stores on Jan. 21, the rest of the world on Jan. 23, Skate 2 comes packed with numerous features and improvements over the original. One major improvement is the ability to hop off your board and walk around. Not only does this make getting up stairs a hell of a lot easier, but also allows the player to move objects in the environment to make custom trick lines.

In the announcement, EA Black Box stated that those who pre-order the game will receive a code that unlocks a “Throwback Pack.” The pack is described as “a special upgrade pack that includes retro clothing, accessories and gestures.” Hopefully I can relive my youth with a Misfits T-shirt and a Suicidal Tendencies tape in a ghetto blaster.

Keeping on the theme of player customization, EA Black Box will debut a web-based Graphics Creator sometime in Dec. which will allow skaters to create custom in-game clothing.

All I can say is, I can’t wait. I played Skate for months when I first got it, spending hours perfecting lines I could only dream about doing on my real skateboard. Skate 2 should help pass the winter months by until I can get out on my real board.

Posted by Mahmood Ali on November 25, 2008

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Nov 16 2008 6:32PM
I was there today, they still had all the posters up. I wondered whether it'd be
featured anywhere, nice :)
Nov 16 2008 6:38PM
tosspot you geek
Nov 16 2008 6:56PM
How much did u pay to get your wow account levelled crow? :x
Nov 16 2008 7:06PM
Toss is DA MAN!
Nov 16 2008 7:59PM
world of walking
Nov 17 2008 1:28AM
Nov 17 2008 2:44AM
The end is nigh. (+spelling)
Nov 17 2008 2:56AM
yeah lvl 70 in 1 night, quite sad ;D
Nov 17 2008 6:47AM
I know crackheads with more of a life then the WoW crowd. At least something got them
outside for a day. Even tho it was just to go get more WoW..

wait that sounds kind of funny...
Nov 17 2008 6:59AM
Ok I also play WoW, but it's crazy to get in line instead of waiting a few more hours
and just grap it from your postbox. Whats wrong with those people its like not a
console launch where it will be sold out the next day :-)
Nov 17 2008 8:13AM
Damn bastards... I've just seen a lvl 30 Draeneri... 41 hours after the European
launch... :o
Nov 17 2008 10:12AM
that lvl 70 in one night is just a prime example of devotion. We could use people
like that.
Nov 17 2008 11:03AM
some of the fans said that they could have LEvel 70 within a week... and that's the
lowest figure that we got... and we talked to a bunch of people... so for #8 to say
he did it in one night makes me question his boldness.
Nov 17 2008 11:06AM
awesome photos Kunochan... the captions made my morning!
Nov 17 2008 11:15PM
You mean BC wasn't digitally distributed?
Nov 18 2008 12:31AM
bought mine at walmart... was in and out.. 5 minutes.. no party or anything.. like
buying any other game.
Nov 23 2008 8:21AM
If WoW players put in that much effort to get laid... well, they still wouldn't get
laid but at least they would have tried!!

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