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ReDeYe's World Cyber Games Photo Blog: Day 1

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Carmac, the evil genius.

Carmac redux.

Begin amusement park fun..

For once, Carmac picks up a girl. We were beginning to wonder about you, Mike...

Carmac toppling Cash in a battle of fatsuits.

Carmac doing ballet.

Bunny beating Carmac into submission.

Cash topples Carmac.

Carmac action shot--judo tossing Ztrider.

Cash victorious.

"Hand over the tricaster or the pale one gets it!".

A disappointed Socrates.

This is the real reason ReDeYe went to Italy. Screw the WCG.

Main stage.

Smooth as a baby's...

Ztrider grinning post-suplex. In the upper right you can see Carmac presumably suplexing someone else.

Posted by Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner on Oct 20 2007 8:58AM

Comments (15)

Oct 20 2007 9:10AM
Carmac is everywhere. Just like evil :D
Oct 20 2007 9:13AM
Heheh nice. Ztrider's hair is getting more brighter every time I see him ;)
Oct 20 2007 10:06AM
love the ztrider action shot :D

oh and the stage looks incredible
Oct 20 2007 10:23AM
ztrider looks like Ellen Degeneres...
Oct 20 2007 10:40AM
haha #1, Carmac is everywhere!!
Oct 20 2007 11:20AM
It's Cash, not Smeagol... in those fatboy photos.
Oct 20 2007 2:24PM
The fatsuits thingy look so fun!! i wanna play that too!! hehehe~
Oct 20 2007 3:37PM
The newest product of fatal1ty?
Oct 20 2007 5:44PM
I agree about the fat suits, I'm so jealous!!!! ;_;
Oct 20 2007 5:46PM
#7 I told you to come to the WCG!
Oct 20 2007 8:24PM
lol @ fat suits!
Oct 20 2007 9:18PM
#10 i heard they were strict and doesn't let non-players into the building! Maybe
next year i would be there! ^^v
Oct 21 2007 12:03AM
I would have hooked you up with a proper pass. Like "PRESS."
Oct 21 2007 1:23AM
#13 T.T you should have told me that earlier! Then i wouldn't be home on a saturday
afternoon, munching chocolates while checking WCG updates online. >.<
Oct 22 2007 3:05PM
There's an actual girl in the event? Now i've seen it all.

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