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Call of Duty 2 Champs Join Serious Gaming

The EuroCup champions in Call of Duty 2 have found a new home with the top Dutch organization Serious Gaming.

The squad, lead by Liam "crow" Crowley, was entertaining offers from various teams after leaving Check Six.

The team managed to beat top teams Dignitas and Team Speedlink in the recent EuroCup in impressive fashion, even more remarkable since the team was only molded weeks prior to the event.

The signing of the former Check Six team with Serious Gaming is considered another positive development for the growth of Call of Duty 2 as an eSports game.

The team will make its first appearance at the upcoming WonderBase event in Sweden, where over $4700 awais the winner. At that event, they will face teams such as Copenhagen-Esports,, Cubic and their biggest rivals Team Dignitas.

With the temporary absence of Otto 'plaekki' Kuisma for the WonderBase event, Timo 'Stim' Arminen has been added as the sixth player of the reigning EuroCup winners.

The remainder of the lineup consists out of Martin 'mint' Röjder, Rickard 'zEm' Intveld and Sami 'Sacrim' Nieminen.

Following today's signing, the GBT interview team captain Liam "crow" Crowley.

How important is it that "your" team has finally found a new home?

To be honest it is massive for us, for me especially after all the troubles I have had with Check Six in the past. As players, we need to concentrate on playing and having Serious behind us allows us to focus on that. We have been waiting for something like this for a long time and it some points it seemed like we weren't going to sort something in time for WonderBase, so it's a great feeling to be tagging up for Serious!

You became the European champions being a "rogue" team, what will change now joining Serious Gaming?

Well on one hand, I guess we lose the element of surprise, but I do not think anyone underestimated us at the EuroCup finals so really we can only improve from now on as we play more and more together. It will be interesting to see how people view us now but I suppose when you play for a big team you are a target for everyone to take down. Speedlink have had that in the past and they know the higher you rise the harder you fall. We just have to keep our heads and try to keep improving steadily.

There has been much discussion about the potential of CoD2 to become a fully accepted eSports game. Is the fact that Serious was interested in picking up a CoD2 team, another token that CoD2 is on the right path?

Well to me the most encouraging factor was the actual amount of quality teams that approached us after the EuroCup finals. In the end we felt that Serious was the best option but it was great to see that the interest in CoD2 is really developing. This is exactly what the game needs and with more and more big-money LAN events being announced like WonderBase I fully expect to see this interest boom.

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Posted by Remao Tummers on Oct 31 2007 12:26PM

Comments (22)

Oct 31 2007 3:12PM
great to see another team joining a top organisation
Oct 31 2007 3:13PM
hope to see more teams joining big clans
Oct 31 2007 3:39PM
subtop european MGCs are slowly moving in on Call of Duty 2, now it's time for the
G7/9 :p
Oct 31 2007 3:40PM
a G7 team doesn't mean great orga by default!
Oct 31 2007 4:12PM
G7 will not support CoD2. It's not in their interest =P
Oct 31 2007 4:15PM
give it time Carmac, and thanks GBT for the interview <3
Oct 31 2007 4:16PM
wouldn't be too sure about that carmac, it might not be in their collective interest
but some of them are thinking twice about it.
Oct 31 2007 4:43PM
G7 are known as the most popular and biggest organisations, therefore if a G7 would
take a cod2 team the game itself would receive much more recognition :)
Oct 31 2007 5:01PM
CoD2 could be in their interest. CoD2 is an unsaturated market for sponsors to reach
gamers that haven't been as much in contact with their products like the CS players

The marketing effectiveness of Icemat's advertisements are much higher in CoD2 than
in CS. And that alone is a major reason why companies love new games...means new
people to sell their product to.
Oct 31 2007 5:22PM
Nice to hear, these guys deserve it.
Oct 31 2007 7:39PM
congrats guys
Oct 31 2007 11:54PM
Ooh congratz! :D
Nov 1 2007 12:31AM
goodluck boys, and yeah mint is right, I wouldnt be to sure about it
Nov 1 2007 5:10AM
Nov 1 2007 8:42AM
Nov 1 2007 9:12AM
make love not war!
Nov 1 2007 11:16AM
start playing Pangya then :)
Nov 1 2007 12:25PM
gL gL ;D
Nov 2 2007 4:35AM
Serious chose the right team. They are an awesome bunch of players. Let's hope cod2
will keep on growing as it deserves.
Nov 2 2007 7:29AM
congrats liam. all the best for wonderbase too :D
Nov 3 2007 3:17AM
Step in the right direction :D Even tho liam is so overratted in every game he plays
;D <3
Gl @ Wonderbase.
Nov 3 2007 3:06PM
hehe <3

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