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CPL Sets Drug Rules For 2008 Season

The CPL has made provisions in its 2008 terms and conditions allowing the league to test participants for drugs, said CPL president and founder Angel Munoz.

"The potential for [drugs] being an issue absolutely concerns me," said Angel. "It should concern anybody in eSports, because as the stakes get larger, as in any sport, people will look for an edge."

The changes to the CPL's TOS do not require drug tests for all players, but require a player to submit to a test if asked. Random drug testing will not be instituted. Caffinated drinks will not be included in the test.

According to Munoz, all illegal substances will be prohibited from CPL events, including marijuana and mushrooms. Additionally, prescription drugs such as Ritalin might come under investigation, presumably on a case-by-case basis.

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Posted by Mahmood Ali on Dec 6 2007 11:19AM

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Dec 6 2007 12:27PM
From the article:
"We can't really regulate that. Can you really tell a tennis player not to
drink a lot of caffeine before a match?" Munoz says. "Plus, I'm not sure
that caffeine is the right drug for gaming."

As a tennis player, I can tell you doing that will only harm you because of all the
energy you spend moving around. Although caffeine is good for 'focus', it hinders
you in any game where you have to physically move. Now steroids...
Dec 6 2007 1:40PM
Request for modification of the current article title, por favor: CPL FIGHTS THE WAR

"Plus, I'm not sure that caffeine is the right drug for gaming."

Oh there is a "right" drug for gaming? My bad. Good effort though.

Dec 6 2007 2:20PM
good, bout time someone implicated this.....dumb ass people thinking they can do
better when tripping or high....retards..
Dec 6 2007 2:51PM
damn GG PuertoRican LOL!!
Dec 6 2007 4:41PM
I guess Toxic is fucked.

You wonder why he is all calm and doesn't say much after he wins the match.
It's because he's baked, and can only focuss on one thing at a time, which is his
computer screen.

I'd definitely test Cooller, he has been away for awhile and placed 3rd at last
weeks event.
Going into the biggest lan finals of the year will surely put a lot of pressure on
him, who knows what he will do to win.
Dec 6 2007 8:03PM
all i have to say on this topic is ... L-O-L!!!!
Dec 6 2007 10:14PM
"all illegal substances [...] prohibited [...] including marijuana and

So I guess CPL Amsterdam is a no go?
Dec 7 2007 12:18AM
I have a question, wich id like to see an answer for..
How are they planning to test for example marijuana?
Cos as probably many people allready know,most tests for marijuana would show it
even if u wouldnt have used it for example in one whole month..
Think about that :).
Dec 7 2007 6:16AM
Dumb idea....
Dec 7 2007 6:43AM
The right drug for gaming is an amphetamine, mainly Adderall (or Ritalin). Granted,
amphetamines don't stay in your system for more than a couple days, so if they were
going to do the testing it would have to be after Day 1 or after the whole thing was

I actually agree with Angel here and applaud his effort, but I think it's going to
be difficult.

Easiest way of testing for amphetamines would be to make the male players drop
their pants and look for penises that have shrunk to the size of a penny (in case you
have no clue what I'm talking about, it's a common side effect of using
Dec 7 2007 7:53AM
Thinking of the gamers that I know personally, most of them have the Towelie
syndrome. They have to get high to play better. It makes them feel more at home and
helps them block out distractions. However, I have alot of friends that are just good
and don't need drugs to play. It can go both ways I guess...
Dec 7 2007 8:11AM
What Tex said.
Dec 7 2007 8:14AM
While some people claim to be more calm and better while high, the advantage you get
from taking amphetamines is far greater and worth dealing with. I could care less if
people were high, and if they were on shrooms I don't think they'd stand a chance to
win :)
Dec 7 2007 2:32PM
It's stupid when people say they play better when they're high. Of course they think
they play better, they are high and they overlook their mistakes.

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