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Aktrez's 2006 Review Part 1: Nintendo Wii

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This weekend I had the chance to sit down with all three of the next-gen consoles for a little “quality time�. It is the first time that I was able to play multiple games on each one of the platforms, so I'm going to talk about my views on all three of the systems – pros and cons. Please note these are my views and opinions alone and don’t reflect how I believe YOU should feel about the systems. So, with that being said, let’s get this party started….

Nintendo Wii

I will start off with the most controversial review first, to get it out of the way. I have been very vocal about how I am not a fan of the Wii. Perhaps I haven’t really gotten my views across properly in the past, as many people see my opinions as “bashing� or “hating the system�.

I have had the opportunity to play all of the Wii sports games, "Super Monkey Ball," "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess," "Trauma Center" and "Rayman Raving Rabbids" for the Nintendo Wii.

Wii Sports:

Bowling: This game was most definitely my favorite sport in the package. The controller felt as though it was picking up my movements rather easily and registering them well (more than I can say for some of the other games). Once I was able to get my moves down, I hit strikes or spares every single turn. I also did a little experiment where I went into another room, not looking at the screen, and bowled with the hand movement I had been using. I bowled a strike. While the game was very fun (especially when playing with other competitive gamers), I felt that it was a little disheartening that it wasn’t more difficult. Being able to bowl a strike from the other room doesn’t quite give the feeling of accuracy. Aside from this error, I felt that the game held the most potential as something I would actually pick up and play again.

Tennis: I enjoyed the fact that the wiimote allowed me to really get into the swing of the racket. I found myself enjoying serving and hitting the ball. I was unhappy that I had no control over where my players moved on the court, and that sometimes my ball would go out of bounds when it was clearly still on the right side of the line. The graphics (as in all of the Wii sports games) were slightly ridiculous, with only the first row of audience members being “real� characters. The rest of the audience consisted of colored dots. Overall, this was a fun game for all of two matches. I can’t say that I would pick it up and play tennis on my own. I think this is a fun party game to bust out if you have company. Think of it like "Monopoly."

Baseball: Being a HUGE baseball fan, I was really looking forward to this game. The first thing that I noticed was that the audience consisted ONLY of colored dots. This took away from my gameplay because I really wanted to feel like I had people cheering for me. Dots didn’t quite cut it. Also, why is it that my player had legs and arms when they were up at the plate but then when they ran (or were in the outfield) they lost their legs and just bounced around the bases? Am I asking too much for my characters to keep their legs and arms when running? The pitching came rather easily to me -- but the batting, however, seemed very challenging. It felt as if the wiimote was registering my swings late, and I was unable to really figure out how to get a good sync going. I was also a bit disappointed that when pitching, you were unable to pitch “balls� and that you were unable to control your outfield. If you end up with a crappy outfield, you could potentially end up losing the game. How can you possibly count on an outfield that you can’t control!? It’s fun to pretend you are Jeter up at bat, but the graphical issues and the inaccurate gameplay started to get frustrating after a while. I had fun playing baseball for about 15 minutes and then it was time to move on to the next event.

Boxing: I was really excited to play this after watching “Master� and another pro gamer playing this in the hotel room at the CGI a few weeks back. It looked like so much fun to pummel your opponent using both the nunchuck and the wiimote. Once I began playing however, I soon found that this game was even more inaccurate than baseball! I flailed my arms trying to find the right moves; I blocked my face as my opponent tried to find HIS right moves; and I ended up kicking butt only for the pure fact that I was seriously going INSANE trying to throw as many punches as I could. That being said, there is no reason for me to not be able to lift my arms the next day!! I practically threw my shoulders out just to get the wiimote to register my moves. While I understand that Nintendo WANTS you to move and have the experience of playing, I can see why “wiitards� are damaging themselves and their TVs, to get their wiimotes to register their moves. It's a fun game ONLY when you can get the wiimote to register WTF it is you are doing. My arms hurt so badly that I don’t think I will play this again unless I want a full-on shoulder work out.

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Posted by Becky on Jan 2 2007 4:55PM

Comments (25)

Jan 2 2007 6:46PM
Hey Aktrez, you should ask DjWheat about Wii bowling. He'll say that it's amazingly
Jan 2 2007 9:35PM
Am I the ONLY one with issues here!? I mean, I posted this same thing on my IGN blog
and I'm getting all these people telling me I'm an idiot. Am I not doing something
right!? Anyone else having wiimote problems?
Jan 2 2007 11:52PM
no #2
nintendo dies as a console choice after u reach 10+ unless ure playin mario karts
for nintendo original which is an ultimate classic
wii's a joke
Jan 3 2007 3:32AM
ehh. I thought Golf was excellent. I played it for hours with a few friends and we
were all hitting birdies etc. You sure you weren't accidentally holding the tv remote
for the golf? :p
Jan 3 2007 3:33AM
oh, and u see the tiny movements you were going on about with rayman?

You should play tennis and boxing like this. Then you won't be sore.
Jan 3 2007 3:56AM
So much for my prediction of the Wii totally owning the PS3? :/

#5, that's not what Nintendo wanted, to quote. This is a system where you're
supposed to get into the game you're playing by like, actually being in it. Many are
probably just giving up and doing tiny movements. That's just fine if they think it's
fun, but I would really want to see games where you need to play how it was intended,
since that method seems the most fun, and where it actually works.

I wanna get my own hands on a Wii and try it out.
Jan 3 2007 4:45AM
-Am I the ONLY one with issues here!? I mean, I posted this same thing on my IGN blog
and I'm getting all these people telling me I'm an idiot. Am I not doing something
right!? Anyone else having wiimote problems?-

Oh I'm not saying you're an idiot. Let me illustrate.
Jan 3 2007 6:01AM
Well I haven't had much of a chance to play any other games than the Wii sports disk,
and to be honest, I'm not sure how you're having that many problems with the wiimote.

Boxing - I pwn teh n00bs quite hardcore in this game, however it is pretty
simplistic and a little difficult to get the hooks to register and can be sluggish on
it's pickup on successive hits, but it's not too terrible.

Tennis - Moving your character around isn't that difficult, you just have to tilt
the wiimote one way or the other and they'll start walking the way you want them too.
Aiming is difficult, but once you get it down, it's not bad.

Bowling - Just damn fun.

Baseball - Swinging the bat is a pain in the ass sometimes, but if I remember
correctly you can pitch balls or at least different pitches by holding some buttons
down on the wiimote.

Golf - The only thing I really found difficult here was putting. It's just really
difficult to get the soft touch that you need with it. However I had no real issues
with hitting the fairway off my drive or on second/third shots with irons. With some
practice I could be just as good in this game as I am in real life or better.

I'm sure the Wii isn't for everyone, but to be honest, intuitive is the perfect
word that I would use to describe the Wii's gameplay thus far.
Jan 3 2007 7:00AM
I've only heard good things about the Wii and it's apparently doing very well here in
Jan 3 2007 8:18AM
I've heard quite a lot of bad things about it. :/
Jan 3 2007 9:04AM
Maybe it is intuitive but having to work so hard to get the thing to register right
doesn't seem to be a great concept. I agree with H-Force in that it's not suppose to
be about little wrist movements. It's suppose to be about swinging the thing and
feeling like you are REALLY playing the sport. If I wanted just finger and wrist
movements, I"ll play the PS3 or Xbox.
Jan 3 2007 10:03AM
I don't own or play a Wii and really don't plan to do so; however I believe I know
why you are having.
I understand that if you are trying to use a Wii on an HDTV with Composite cables
or analog coax you will experience lag. I assume this has to do with the fact that
the TV will have to use a brief moment to convert the SD image to HD. If this is the
case you will have a buffer.

I might try getting some component cables; however I did just play some roulette
with google. It seams that the problem may be with your display and there simply
isn't a way to resolve it other than getting a different one.
However this is IGN that we're siting here so I wouldn't take it as gospel. I
tried to find a site that would verify that component cables would resolve your
problem but alas I could find none.
Jan 4 2007 6:14AM
It really sounds like you had some issues with the Wii, I really don't recognize any
of the problems you're talking about. Golf is imo the best and most fun Wii Sports
game and swinging the Wii mote is very accurate, only Boxing doesn't feel like having
control over what the Mii does.

Also about Zelda maybe it's just personal taste, but the controls work perfect and
I really wouldn't want to change the Wii mote + nunchuk for a regular controller.
Jan 4 2007 10:10AM
I got a chance to try the Wii in a store today. Only tried bowling, but it seemed
Jan 4 2007 6:32PM
Only heard good things about the wii (since it came out) They are no where in stores
(and Ps3's are).

Jan 5 2007 4:26AM
Wii is actually the best console I played after the Super Nintendo. I played almost
all consoles (never bought one though until now, I simply had to buy the Wii) and
none of those
"Playstation-its-all-about-graphic-but-we-have-no-gameplay"games could
compare with Nintendos Zelda, whatever part of it you choose. I am not a fanboy even
though I really enjoy every part of Zelda, but controling Link with the
nunchuck+remote is as easy as it can be.
I dont want to disappoint you, but even my little cousin who is 5, mastered the
controls after playing Zelda for about 45minutes(and he is no freak or something).
So maybe you should free your mind and try the Wii again without comparing it to
any other console.
Jan 5 2007 6:43AM
Well, I played Wii Sports for a few hours at a friend's place last night. I was
having a lot of problems with the Wiimote registering movements, but it was still a
lot of fun.
Jan 5 2007 2:47PM
Aside for the your own admitted bias towards wii and clear indication of your
preference of sony, your probably one of the many few "reviewers" who have
posted negative comments about the wii. Perhaps not everyone buys a system because
its "photorealistic" but because its fun to just grab a beer and play with
your buddies, well if you had perhaps experienced playing it in a social environment
instead of a dark filled room maybe you would understand...
Jan 5 2007 5:08PM
Hmmm well first off.. I played it on Christmas break with my boyfriend and his entire
family. Secondly, I was not biased AGAINST it, otherwise I wouldnt' have played it
at all. Thirdly, I did not bash it. I said that I thought it was great for SOME
people... I just didn't enjoy it PERSONALLY. Again, I am NOT saying you shouldn't
like it. I'm saying I didn't like it. Why the hostility?

What is your favorite color? What is your favorite food? Maybe I don't like your
choices, but I"m not going to tell you that you are wrong or make you feel
stupid for not liking the same thing as me.
Jan 5 2007 10:31PM
All the controls work beautifully, especially in WiiGolf. You just have to use the
Wiimote as if it were an actual club. You're so critical of a gimmick game Nintendo
put in to show off what the WiiMote can do.

I think you're judging the Wii on attributes it wasn't designed for. I think a
large part of the appeal for the Wii's intend demographic is the ability to download
old classics. Personally, I'm really excited for an FPS like James Bond to come out
for the system. That should be endless fun :)
Jan 6 2007 10:24AM
My dad just got a Wii and it's the best thing ever! I'm not sure how you had all
these problems, other than to be feminist and say you're a girl (j/k of course) but
it seemed pretty easy to pick up.

I had no issues with the boxing or golf, in fact the only thing about golf is you
just need to shorten your normal swing really..

baseball is a bit wierd, although after getting the swing down it's pretty cut and
dry, just not a HUGE swing like in real baseball.. the pitching is def not like real
pitching but :p

tried NFS:Carbon, didn't like it at all, looking forward to getting madden 07 and
seeing how that works out, or a flight sim game.

BTW, if you're looking for something to really pass time, try the fishing game out!
It's kinda slow but still cool :p
Jan 7 2007 8:27PM
My favorite food is California Maki-Sushi and my favorite color is #080CA6, and if
you don't like that you're a do-do head!
Jan 8 2007 7:44AM
My issues were primarily in boxing and golf...

Golf was totally wierd. The game would swing when I was pulling the Wiimote back.

And in boxing, it was almost impossible to get my right hand registering.
Jan 8 2007 7:40PM
[quote]Golf was totally wierd. The game would swing when I was pulling the Wiimote
That happens when you're not pulling the club far back enough to begin with. It's a
little known fact that you can't actually get any power without a full swing =P Try
doing a full swing, and it will work perfectly.

It's too complex to detect where your wiimote is at all times, thus the game has to
assume that you're doing a somewhat realistic shot. If you do a half swing, it's
going to think you havn't completed your shot, thus, the next time you wind up, it'll
think it's finishing up the last half of the shot. That's my theory anyway.
Jun 20 2007 11:44AM
My favorite game type is a FPS, so when I got the Wii I thought that farcry would be
great! But, as always I am dissapointed. Every time I look around in farcry, the Wii
mote freaks out. It has HORRIBLE visuals and split screen has only 2 players!
Nintendo needs online.

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