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Aktrez's 2006 Review Part 2: PLAYSTATION 3

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Okay, I love Sony. I don't know what it is about Sony, but I am a fan. I'm NOT, however, a fangirl. I can DEFINITELY see how Sony messed up this time around with the PS3. I see how other systems seem to be winning the "war" right now and I can also see a lot of room for improvement.

That being said, I THOROUGHLY believe that in a year or two, when the PS3 has been tweaked - price drops a bit - new games come out - etc... the PS3 will be blowing the other competition out of the water! (Ok, so maybe this comment may come across as rather strong. This is just my feeling from what I see of games coming out in the next year or so. I'm not Miss Cleo. I don't know what the future holds... it may be a HUGE let down.. who knows!)

I had the chance to play the "Grand Turismo HD" demo, "Motorstorm" demo and also browse around in the online/Playstation Store functions and Blu-ray.

It is obvious that the PS3 is still in its infancy. The majority of the current games out are games we have played on other consoles and some of the functions still do not work.

I did download "Grand Turismo" and "Motorstorm" demos and I must say THIS is what I'm talking about!!

The "Grand Turismo" demo allows you to unlock 10 cars by competing in time trials. The graphics are UNBELIEVABLE! You seriously feel as though you are driving through the snowy alps. The controls feel very realistic as each car has "weight" to it and also a sound that is unique to the car. All of the cars are customizable with the current colors on the market. For instance, the Lotus Elise comes in 15 shades. The controls of the cars are just like the controls on a real race course. Steering takes a little time to figure out but, once you've got it, you feel as though you are really driving the thing.

The cinematics of the playback look 100% photorealistic. I will say that I was hoping the crowd AI was a little more friendly. At E3, the demo seemed to show the crowd moving out of your way when your car was speeding toward them. In the demo, they just stood and stared at you as you hit the wall. Maybe the final game will be different.

I LOVED this game. I thought that even just the demo proved what next gen was really capable of. The graphics were incredible, the sound was amazing and the gameplay was fun and realistic.

I also played "Motorstorm." This was also just a demo but made me drool over playing the real game. The BEST part of this game was crashing the cars and bikes. The ragdoll effects of the driver going into mountains and over the edge of cliffs were hilarious and had you on the edge of your seat waiting for impact. I also enjoyed how easy the controls were and the speed at which you could travel. Turning and making corners was simple and bashing into other cars was a TON of fun.

The graphics were nice. Not as gorgeous as the realistic "Grand Turismo," but fun and colorful. I liked the fact you could play a female driver and have a pink car if you wanted.

Ok, now on to Blu-ray. The Blu-ray on a 52" HD TV looked GORGEOUS. The colors were bright and crisp. You could see little lines, wrinkles and textures that most TV's didn't show.

We watched "The Fifth Element" on Blu-ray and turned on the scene with the Diva to test it. We then took out the disk and put in the old DVD version......

Honestly, not much of a notable difference! I mean, sure, the colors were a tad brighter and there was a LITTLE more detail but it really had more to due with the HD TV than it did the Blu-ray disk! Honestly, I can't see spending THAT much more money on Blu-ray... not yet anyway.

The one place I was very impressed with the PS3 is the interface. I always loved the clean look and feel of the PSP and the PS3 interface is identical. I actually hooked my PSP directly to my PS3 and was able to download the "LocoRocco" holiday demo onto my PSP, share pictures and videos between my PSP and PS3 and play music from my HD TV. It was fun!

I also loved the marketplace. We downloaded the "Tekken 2" game for the PSP, ONLY available on PS3 marketplace. That was a really cool bonus.

I have gotten my hands on "Heavenly Sword" and "Laire" for the Ps3 at past events. I am REALLY excited to see these in action in the coming year.

I'm not blind to the fact that the PS3 has a LOT of issues. Price is obviously the main obstacle and I think that Sony is INSANE to make it the price it is. I do feel that, if the price were adjusted, it would really give the other two consoles a run for their money in a year or so when more titles are out.

We'll have to see what happens with this one!

Next system: The 360 (Continued in next blog - coming tomorrow.)

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Posted by Becky on Jan 3 2007 2:20PM

Comments (16)

Jan 3 2007 2:59PM
the downloadable titles are where its at! Most fun Ive had since mario kart
Jan 3 2007 3:02PM
I don't think it's fair to judge Blu-Ray using The Fifth Element. It's like judging
a color television with a Black and White Movie.

I think you'd find much more satisfaction watching something that was shot
digitally (Superman: Returns is a great example).

But we already talked about this didn't we!
Jan 3 2007 3:04PM
That Wii did. Oh, wait... I apparently hate Nintendo. I'm not allowed to use that
reference. Strike that from the records!
Jan 3 2007 3:48PM
As far as Blu Ray as a format; ask Wheat to see the stack of DVDs of the Winterfest
content when he gets them next week. I was honestly thinking about blowing much of
my bonus on a Blu-Ray burner; however the fastest burner is only 2x (surely there
will be better ones in a few months), and nobody would probably be able to use it
right now.

Compressed sound and images are great. You can reduce the file size by about 80%
with only loosing 20% of the quality. However we are entering the HD age where any
compression is unacceptable. After FiOS and Blu-Ray are widely available, trust me;
that 50gb will be just a drop in the bucket, HD-DVD will be an old joke, and we'll be
clamoring for holographic/protein coated disks.
Jan 3 2007 4:10PM
I can agree on the Blu-ray comment. Then again, I still don't understand the fuss
about this whole HD thing.
Jan 3 2007 4:41PM
You mean in a year or two when theres actually decent games for it?

Fact of the matter is, people just are not buying the PS3. My personal experience
was this.

I went to my local EB games and got the 360 HD DVD add on today with some xmas
money and a gift card. I asked the guy at the counter that I know how sales were on
consoles lately ( I was tempted between the Wii or the addon, had not fully decided)

I had asked em if he even had any Wii's or PS3's (Asked just out of interest) He
told me that week they had 14 Wii's come in, and they sold almost instantly. He had 5
PS3's come in, and no one had touched them.

I then go to future shop, as I had a gift card from there as well..asked the same
question. They said they got 12 Wii's that week, sold them. 7 PS3's, and only sold 1.

Don't know about your cities personally, but it seems to me that the PS3 just is'nt
Jan 3 2007 5:22PM
"For instance, the Ferarri Lotus..." I loled. :P
Jan 3 2007 5:44PM
what? It's the Lotus Elise
I was just shortening the Title!!!!!
Jan 3 2007 7:42PM
I laugh at anyone that says it's overpriced, but unfortunatly thats why it's not
selling. Most console gamers are very uneducated as to what goes into there little
funbox and what all it costs, let alone what it's capable of besides downloading crap
and playing games. Whenever I'm at the local video game store talking with console
gamers about it I say 600 bucks is a steal for the technology thats inside of it. If
the console gamers knew what was in it technically and what it really meant they
wouldn't whine so much about it's price.

As mainly a PC gamer I look at the specs of the PS3 and go only 600 bucks?? Damn,
thanx for the amazing deal Sony. Sony themselves have stated there not markenting a
console there marketing an all in one home PC/entertainment box. The PS3 is the very
beginning of the merging of the PC and gaming console into one next to the TV.
Jan 3 2007 8:20PM
Good review for the PS3 you stuck to the point. Although you should try other blu-ray
movies then Fifth Element, try picky up CG animation movies like Ice Age you'll spot
the dofferences.
Jan 4 2007 6:27AM
It's not a suprise the PS3 is not selling, the price is ridiculous, it's reported
still buggy and there are no games yet.
Jan 4 2007 11:27AM
#9, I could squeeze all the most powerful hardware into a box and sell it at a slight
loss. It would still be expensive, and only people with lots of cash would be buying

It's not about how much you're getting for $600, it's if people actually wanna
spend that $600 in the first place, when there are $400/$300 and $250 alternatives.
Jan 5 2007 12:43PM
#6 its coz ppl normally buy consoles for their kids @ xmas and nintendos a kiddie
btw the xbox urls fucked on this page
Jan 10 2007 3:03PM
#6 your a moron for not buying them then they are going for a couple thousand $$ on
ebay becuase of demand.

Real problem with the ps3 seems to be that companies are buying and networking
10-20 of them together to build thier own ultra-cheap super computers.. so those
ps3's will not at all be used for gaming.

I also like the price argument between the consols in this war (not a fandboy I'm
just stating facts here) seeing as the 360+HD drive is more then a ps3 and the HD
drive does not support progressive resolutions.. so down the line if you have a
progressive TV expect to be buying another add-on drive.

Progressive reso is goign to be a big factor in this war and although a lot of
people say that progressive in't something we are going to see in gaming for awhile
the gran tourismo demo is already running 780p with gt5 slated to run 1080p. Thats a
kick in the ole' mirosoft bag. The GT HD demo is widely considered the first true
'next gen' title that is showing us what this system (and with a few more add-ons,
maybe the 360) is capable of doing in the next 5 years.

Don't get me wrong I'm not a fanboy I'll own all the systems.. but common..
comparing the 360 and ps3's hardware is like saying the ps2 was more powerful then
the xbox.
Jan 10 2007 3:10PM
"comparing the 360 and ps3's hardware is like saying the ps2 was more powerful
then the xbox."

Which might explain the price difference?

"seeing as the 360+HD drive is more then a ps3"

Wait, what?
Premium 360 = $400 (or was there a price drop? Haven't really followed it)
Cheaper PS3 (No high-definition for you) = $500, I think?
Jan 11 2007 11:03AM
HD drive is an additional 300$ is canada 200/250 USD I beleive.. and still no good

pro bundle (no games)+HD Drive=$399.99+$199.99=$600 USD
480p, 720p, or 1080i

pro bundle (including game)=$659 USD
480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p

So they are basically the same price it isn't more expensive, they are pretty well
the same at this point the 360 did drop in price like you said. You can get the
basic bundle for 300$. HD Drive has also dropped in price.

Apparently if you have a sony HDTV it does not work with the 360 HD drive on high
reso's. Sony is the #1 selling HDTV in the USA.

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