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GBT's 2006 In Photos Part 1

Or Part 2 with pics from TAS, E3 and the HHGL!
Or Part 3: HHGL, ESWC and Home of Chrome!
Or Part 4: Games Convention, WCG and DigitalLife!
Or Part 5: DigitalLife, WCG and WSVG!

With 2006 over, the GBT crew decided to take a look at all the photos taken by us last year and make a gallery of the best ones to reminisce some good times. Here is a GBT year in photographs but not exactly a history lesson.

Some funny, sad, ugly, artsy photos and lots of people picked up. Venture forth!


Lukasz "LUq" Wnek, Pentagram G-Shock's loudest member, in his room at home before going to the Samsung Euro Championship held at CeBIT in Hannover.

Xandra "Ghostgirl" Van Wijk, the Samsung Euro Championship racing games shoutcaster, trying to catch some good old, white... snow. Photo taken outside one of the halls of CeBIT.

Melanie, the Speed-Link booth babe. Hands down the hottest booth babe of the year!

The boys from relaxing.

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Posted by Michal Blicharz on Jan 5 2007 2:55PM

Comments (16)

Jan 5 2007 4:30PM
I thought Stuart was sucking his thumb.
Jan 5 2007 4:52PM
Ghostgirl is hawt. Melanie is NOT.
Jan 5 2007 5:02PM
Shoulda seen the front of her, Rance!
Jan 5 2007 5:43PM
The middle dude has very ugly teeth. Very.
Jan 5 2007 5:53PM
RedEye is such a happy camper.
Jan 5 2007 5:57PM
#4 Actually I think it's a Photoshop side effect, but I'm not sure.
Jan 5 2007 6:12PM
Yeh, when you turn on auto contrast in PS, or when the camera has a "dark
skin" filter on ppl tend to get yellow teeth.
Jan 5 2007 6:14PM
Jan 6 2007 2:29AM
close call Force.
Jan 6 2007 6:05PM
I knew cash's NY pic would be there ;D
Jan 6 2007 8:04PM
#4, It's bad teeth. That's AFTER I improved them in PS. Sorry, Virtus dude.

You Europeans and your teeth...
Jan 6 2007 8:05PM
Also, I agree with Rance.
Jan 7 2007 12:08PM
Yay, nice photos. I'm waiting for next editions.
Jan 8 2007 1:26PM
rofl, love pics like this, remind me of fun times Michal :)
Apr 29 2007 4:18PM
i dont see pics, sth wrong with my browser?
Apr 30 2007 2:05AM
We need to investigate that, cause I don't see the pics either ;)

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