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GBT's 2006 In Photos Part 2: Transatlantic Showdown, E3, HHGL

Check out Part 1, with pics from the Samsung Euro Championship and the Transatlantic Showdown!
Or Part 3: HHGL, ESWC and Home of Chrome!
Or Part 4: Games Convention, WCG and DigitalLife!
Or Part 5: DigitalLife, WCG and WSVG!


Johan "Toxic" Quick more harmless than he ever was in 2006!

This picture pretty much sums up the second half of Ola "elemeNt" Moum's adventure with Mousesports and his TransAtlantic Showdown final against compLexity, which he played with an ear injury.

Cash and the golem inside the TAS venue in NYC.

Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham and ReDeYe shoutcasting a Quake 4 game. And Anton "Cooller" Singov's shoe.

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Posted by Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz on Jan 5 2007 4:08PM

Comments (10)

Jan 8 2007 5:43PM
Carmac, dude -- you gotta stop picking up guys. Sublimate your homosexuality the way
everyone else does -- with American football.
Jan 8 2007 6:43PM
Tox, Soc, Polo, Coollerio photo > all :)
Jan 8 2007 10:49PM
Damn! I gota get me to Santa Monica!
Jan 8 2007 11:59PM
Nice one photo :-)
Jan 9 2007 3:24AM
Santa Monica hot chicks I see... ;D
Jan 9 2007 3:39AM
DjWheat between the HipHoppers, what a pic.
Jan 9 2007 3:20PM
i think that cowboy shop is near my house!
Jan 9 2007 3:26PM
It was in Hollywood.
Jan 9 2007 5:10PM
haha zubrowka =) classic!
Jan 10 2007 7:54AM
I gotta go visit Wheat next time I'm in LA. :O

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